Ep. 17: Son of a Priest & a Bill of Rights for N. Ireland

Another World Episode 17

Ross Hamilton Cleary, the son of The Singing Priest of Ireland, Father Michael Cleary, speaks alongside filmmaker Alison Millar about the new documentary ‘At Home With the Clearys’. Ross and Alison discuss the scandal that arose when Fr Cleary’s secret relationships were revealed, what life has been like for the family since, and how the film has been received in Ireland.

In the second half of the show, the Chief Commissioner of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, Dr Monica McWilliams, talks about the upcoming Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland — how the process has developed, why it is necessary, and what the future holds for it.


Ep. 16: Guyana & Jonestown

Another World Episode 16

Michael Mahadeo
Michael Mahadeo

Michael Mahadeo has lived in Northern Ireland since the mid 1980s, when he moved here from British Guyana. He speaks about growing up in Guyana during its decolonization, and about the most notorious part of the country’s recent history — the Jonestown massacre, in which hundreds of American citizens killed themselves on a compound in rural Guyana. Michael also discusses being an ethnic minority in Northern Ireland, adjusting to the Troubles, and whether it’s ever possible to become a local here.