Election 08: Foreign Nationals in the US

Foreign Nationals on the US Election


Ep. 37: Belfast Stand-Up

Another World Episode 37

Liam Watson
Liam Watson

Two Belfast stand-up comedians on today’s episode.  First, Liam Watson, who started performing earlier this year and now is organizing and compering a fortnightly gig at the Pavilion. Liam talks about when he learned he was funny, what finally pushed him into taking the stage, and what he envisions for the future of Belfast comedy.

Then Paddy McGaughey sizes up how tortured his soul is, why he’s invented a girlfriend, whether he can perform with a stomachful of beer, and why stand up comedy is the best career ever. Plus!: his newest joke, written fresh that day.

The comedy night Liam organizes is every other Monday night at the Middle Bar at the Pavilion on the Ormeau Road.

Ep. 36: The Chess Club

Another World Episode 36

Chess in Bar Sub

It’s all about chess on episode 36, with interviews with three members of the QUB Chess Club, Chris Millar, Steve Scannell and Ciara Pugh. Since the club was brought back to life in 2005, its players have found great success, winning the title of Irish University Champions last year and Ulster Club Champions this year. This month, several of the Queen’s players head to Greece for a Europe-wide tournament. In today’s episode, Chris, Steve and Ciara talk about their entry into the world of chess, their stress levels, their game faces, their addictions, and their strategies for victory.