Ep. 43: The Art of Compost Toilets + Green Roofs

Anotherw World Episode 43

Today, art with a bite of environmentalism.

Joey Hayes
Joey Hays

Joey Hays is an artist, an environmentalist, and an expert on all things bathroom. For his show this month at Carnegie Mellon, he’s building a massive compost toilet in the university art gallery. It’s his masters thesis project – tying together Pittsburgh’s massive sewage problem, artistic design, innovations in sustainability, and bathroom humor. Joey talks about the idea for his Gardez-Leau, the research he’s done on toilets, bathroom and sewage, and what he expects the gallery-goers will do.

Bob Bingham teaches art at CMU, and his classes of students work on environmentally-minded projects – including a Green Roof atop the university’s Hamerschlag Hall. Bob’s also worked on the city’s Nine Mile Run Project, in which a slag heap on the outskirts of Pittsburgh was transformed into a residential community, with sustainable living principles at its core. Today he talks about building green roofs, dealing with rejection of his proposals, and starting conversations about new ways of life.

For more on environmental toilets, see the latest from Rose George at the NYTimes.
And for Hamerschlag’s Green Roof, you can see it at CMU’s site.


Ep. 35: The King of Love & The Political Cartoonist

Another World Episode 35

Ahmed Seyar Zia
Ahmed Seyar Zia

Ahmad Seyar Zia is, as he has proclaimed himself to be, the King of Love.  He is a young Afghan man, studying abroad in India now.  Born in Kabul, raised in different places around Afghanistan and Pakistan, he has developed his own life philosophies that, he finds, hold him apart from most other young people around him.  

 In today’s interview, Ahmad talks about growing up in the tumultuous past decades of Aghanistan, of the religious and philosophical system he’s developed, of taking up Tae Kwan Do after his brother lost his leg in a mine explosion, and why he’s intent on returning to his country. 

Ian Knox is one of Northern Ireland’s premier political cartoonists.  After studying for a career in architecture, he made his way into the world of cartooning and now contributes to a whole array of outlets – including The Irish News, Hearts & Minds, Sky News, and The Guardian.  He talks about why he likes to annoy people, how he knows if his cartoons succeed in their attempts to shove his opinions down the audience’s throats, which politicians he most likes to draw, and how he survives his daily threat of a heart attack.

Belfast Creatives: Part 2

Jared Longlands (for more: smartturkey@hotmail.com)

Julia Atkinson

Paddy McKeown  (for more: http://www.myspace.com/patrickmckeown)

Michael MacBroom

Belfast Creatives: Part 1

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David Timlin … (for more: http://www.creativematch.co.uk/portfolio/david_timlin/ or d_timlin@mac.com)

Stuart Sloan … (for more: http://www.youtube.com/user/sloanowski)

Ep. 23: Parkour Belfast

Another World Episode 23

Gary at City Hall
Gary at City Hall
Gary Whelan takes us into the world of parkour in Belfast. He explains the philosophy and moves involved in the discipline, and how the scene has blossomed among young men in Belfast over the past few years. Gary also talks about how the traceurs (as practitioners of parkour are called) deal with the suspicions of hooliganism, the worries of family members, and disapproval from authority figures.  And for any aspiring traceurs, Gary advises how to get involved, what training to do, what shoes to wear, and how to stay safe while scaling buildings and jumping off walls. 
Parkour Jumps & Vaults
Parkour Jumps & Vaults