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Ep. 35: The King of Love & The Political Cartoonist

Another World Episode 35

Ahmed Seyar Zia
Ahmed Seyar Zia

Ahmad Seyar Zia is, as he has proclaimed himself to be, the King of Love.  He is a young Afghan man, studying abroad in India now.  Born in Kabul, raised in different places around Afghanistan and Pakistan, he has developed his own life philosophies that, he finds, hold him apart from most other young people around him.  

 In today’s interview, Ahmad talks about growing up in the tumultuous past decades of Aghanistan, of the religious and philosophical system he’s developed, of taking up Tae Kwan Do after his brother lost his leg in a mine explosion, and why he’s intent on returning to his country. 

Ian Knox is one of Northern Ireland’s premier political cartoonists.  After studying for a career in architecture, he made his way into the world of cartooning and now contributes to a whole array of outlets – including The Irish News, Hearts & Minds, Sky News, and The Guardian.  He talks about why he likes to annoy people, how he knows if his cartoons succeed in their attempts to shove his opinions down the audience’s throats, which politicians he most likes to draw, and how he survives his daily threat of a heart attack.

Ep. 34: Coffee + Teeth

 Another World Episode 34

Common Grounds

Today we begin with coffee and end up with teeth.  First a Common Grounds barista-slash-waiter tells about his work in the cafe.   Tucked away in the Holylands, the cafe is only a few years old, attached to City Church, and run with the help of volunteers and profits going to charities. 

Then, up to the Lisburn Road to hear from Adam Jaffa of Gentle Dental Care, all about the dental practice — especially the increasingly popular cosmetic procedures it offers.  Dentistry can be fun, he claims, and he explains how the practice ended up going beyond teeth, to move into the world of art (especially local work) and charity activities in Africa.

Belfast Creatives: Part 1

Sinead Breathnach-Cashell … (for more: http://www.myspace.com/draw_in)

Neil Brogan … (for more: http://caff-flick.com)

Margaret Hagan … (for more: http://penelopebox.etsy.com)

David Timlin … (for more: http://www.creativematch.co.uk/portfolio/david_timlin/ or d_timlin@mac.com)

Stuart Sloan … (for more: http://www.youtube.com/user/sloanowski)

Foreigners Belfast: Part 2

Ep. 29: Caff-Flick Neil

Another World Episode 29

A Caff-Flick Release from Neil
A Caff-Flick Release from Neil

Neil Brogan tells of his professional hobby, running the small record label Caff/Flick out of Belfast.  The label (http://caff-flick.com/) is a niche one, releasing vinyl 12″ and 7” records & picture discs of bands from all over Europe + North America, including Mount Eerie, The High Places, No Kids, and Champagne Diamond/The Brilliant Light (from whom some songs feature on this episode).

Neil tells of how he got into the niche in London and expanded it from Belfast — constructing a snowballing virtual world of music, art & business — run via multiple online personas he’s cultivated.  He also comments on the lifestyle that comes with running a small label: whether Belfast is (or could be) a decent place for his ambitions, bank account, and sensibilities; if he’ll ever cash himself in for a suit and an office job; and how hipsters can induce sensations of inadequacy and nausea.

Neil also performs (in a weird, self-effacing way, as he puts it).  This Sunday the 17th he helps put on ‘Up The Buff’ at the Royal Antedeluvian Order of the Buffaloes club, in the Cathedral Quarter, on Writer’s Square, at. It is free in + goes from 7pm.

Above, a High Places Picture Disc in Action, courtesy of David Horvitz

Ep. 19: Quilts and Politics of Chile

Another World Episode 19

Arpilleras on Display
Arpilleras on Display

Quilts meet politics as Roberta Bacic takes on us a tour of Chilean wall hangings made during women under the Pinochet dictatorship. The quilts are not typical ones – they show village life in all its complications, including the violence, activism, and family life during the 1970s and 80s. The arpilleras have travelled around the world, having been sold and exported in order to raise money for women in Chilean villages and also to tell their stories to the outside world.

See more of the quilts here: http://www.derrycity.gov.uk/museums/quilt.asp

Video of a presentation from Roberta at INCORE on the Magee Campus of University of Ulster is here: http://www.incore.ulst.ac.uk/Seminars/CAIN_13-03-08-RB_ref.html

Roberta with an arpillera
Roberta with an arpillera

And more quilt exhibtions can be seen here:


An Airport Arpillera
An Airport Arpillera