Ep. 37: Belfast Stand-Up

Another World Episode 37

Liam Watson
Liam Watson

Two Belfast stand-up comedians on today’s episode.  First, Liam Watson, who started performing earlier this year and now is organizing and compering a fortnightly gig at the Pavilion. Liam talks about when he learned he was funny, what finally pushed him into taking the stage, and what he envisions for the future of Belfast comedy.

Then Paddy McGaughey sizes up how tortured his soul is, why he’s invented a girlfriend, whether he can perform with a stomachful of beer, and why stand up comedy is the best career ever. Plus!: his newest joke, written fresh that day.

The comedy night Liam organizes is every other Monday night at the Middle Bar at the Pavilion on the Ormeau Road.


Ep. 35: The King of Love & The Political Cartoonist

Another World Episode 35

Ahmed Seyar Zia
Ahmed Seyar Zia

Ahmad Seyar Zia is, as he has proclaimed himself to be, the King of Love.  He is a young Afghan man, studying abroad in India now.  Born in Kabul, raised in different places around Afghanistan and Pakistan, he has developed his own life philosophies that, he finds, hold him apart from most other young people around him.  

 In today’s interview, Ahmad talks about growing up in the tumultuous past decades of Aghanistan, of the religious and philosophical system he’s developed, of taking up Tae Kwan Do after his brother lost his leg in a mine explosion, and why he’s intent on returning to his country. 

Ian Knox is one of Northern Ireland’s premier political cartoonists.  After studying for a career in architecture, he made his way into the world of cartooning and now contributes to a whole array of outlets – including The Irish News, Hearts & Minds, Sky News, and The Guardian.  He talks about why he likes to annoy people, how he knows if his cartoons succeed in their attempts to shove his opinions down the audience’s throats, which politicians he most likes to draw, and how he survives his daily threat of a heart attack.

Ep. 13: Spuds & Student Film

Another World Episode 13


Episode 13 goes to Spuds to talk with its owner John Vance about the restaurant’s place in Belfast. The second half features an interview with Stephen Blakeney, the head of Queen’s Movie Society, about the society’s short films and the state of film-making in Northern Ireland today.