Joby Fox: Belfast in Braddock

Joby Fox, the bassist for the Northern Irish band Energy Orchard, on the filming of the music video for their single “Sailor Town” in Braddock, PA, 20 years ago.


Helen Skullduggery: Tattoos + Women in Belfast

For Helen’s website for her parlor Skullduggery Tatu, here it is.

Helen at Work On Dublin Road
Helen at Work On Dublin Road

The Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh

Jim Lamb – Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh


As the Troubles have petered out, Irish-American groups find themselves in a difficult new landscape.  Funds for cross-Atlantic programs have dried up, the Walsh Visa program has reached its end, and the groups have to redefine their missions to match the new political reality of Northern Ireland.

The Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh, with its president Jim Lamb, is taking this transition in stride.  It remains one of the most active Irish-American groups in sponsoring exchange programs, and it’s expanding its focus to include new ventures to promote links between Pittsburgh and Ireland.  The Institute aims to contribute to community developmenton both sides of the sectarian divide, and to export the lessons it has learned to other deeply divided societies.

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