A Christmas Eve


Ep. 15: Homelessness & Chocolate

Another World Episode 15

The Original Wilma
The Original Wilma

In the first half hour, Mandy Jones and Julie Rea of the Simon Community NI discuss why homelessness is on the rise in Belfast, how their group works to address it, and what results they’ve seen.  In the second half, Carla Pflueger talks about owning and working in Wilma’s Candy & Fudge Factory over the past twenty-some years.  She and her husband Harold started the business in the basement of their home in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania and sold it 2 years ago.  Carla talks about the art of making candies, the catastrophes that can happen in a chocolate factory, and what life after chocolate holds for her.

The Pfluegers
The Pfluegers

Ep. 11: From Belfast to Afghanistan

Another World Episode 11

Back briefly in Belfast, Michael Semple speaks about his experiences in Afghanistan, including those which recently put him in the headlines. Semple was expelled from the country on Christmas last year, after the Afghan President alleged that he engaged in unauthorized activity in the country. He works for the EU’s Special Representative in Afghanistan, focusing on reconciliation and democratization processes in the country. Semple speaks about his past decades of work in Afghanistan, the expulsion, and the notoriety that came with it.

Ep. 6: Santa Mail, Iowa & Space Travel

Another World Episode 6

Episode 6 features interviews on Belfast’s Santa mail business, the Iowa caucuses, and space tourism. Catherine Mulvenna of Royal Mail Northern Ireland talks about Santa’s Grotto, where all of the UK’s letters to Santa Claus are delivered and answered. R. Allen Hayes, a visiting professor from Iowa, discusses last week’s caucuses in the state, along with his own experiences in them during past presidential elections. Finally, Derek Heatly, the first Northern Irish man in space, tells of his past voyage and his upcoming one.