Cancer Days: The Haircut


Ep. 33: Shauna Hair

Another World Episode 33

A Hairpiece at Shauna's Shop

We go to Chameleon Hair Extensions in Smithfield Market to hear from shop owner Shauna Mullan all about hair.  She’s been dong hair extensions and weaves since she was a young teenager and business has blossomed for her in the past decade, as more women in Belfast want hair extensions and many have bad experiences with home jobs or inexperienced stylists, resulting in bald spots, lumpy hair, matted clumps and other disasters.

Shauna discusses how she got into the hair extension business, where the hair comes from, what the concerns and preferences of the customers are, and why hair is so important.

Ep. 12: Dorothy Hagan

Dorothy Hagan
Dorothy Hagan

Another World Episode 12

Dorothy Hagan died at the age of 87 this February. Episode 12 features an interview with her recorded in December. She recounts her life: growing up in Pittsburgh during the Great Depression, working for the FBI, starting a family while her husband was overseas in World War II, raising 9 children, and living through the upheavals of the past century.