Belfast Creatives: Part 1

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Ep. 23: Parkour Belfast

Another World Episode 23

Gary at City Hall
Gary at City Hall
Gary Whelan takes us into the world of parkour in Belfast. He explains the philosophy and moves involved in the discipline, and how the scene has blossomed among young men in Belfast over the past few years. Gary also talks about how the traceurs (as practitioners of parkour are called) deal with the suspicions of hooliganism, the worries of family members, and disapproval from authority figures.  And for any aspiring traceurs, Gary advises how to get involved, what training to do, what shoes to wear, and how to stay safe while scaling buildings and jumping off walls. 
Parkour Jumps & Vaults
Parkour Jumps & Vaults

Ep. 14: Millhunk Days

Another World Episode 14

Larry with the Mill Hunk Herald
Larry with the Mill Hunk Herald

In the 1980s, Larry Evans was named a national security threat, Hollywood script writers were intent on telling his life story, he was crossing the Iron Curtain, and he was overtaking the Pittsburgh public television airwaves. As the steel mills were closing down in that decade, Larry ran the Millhunk Herald, a local journal, and was active in the efforts to keep the industry alive. He tells his story — how he got politically active, what’s happened to him since those activist days, and what it’s like to be classed a threat to society.



The video clip below comes from a documentary Larry made about his Millhunk Herald days. Tony Novosel stars in the 1983 Pittsburgh-made ‘Crashdance’, as a steelworker who turns to exotic dancing amidst the collapse of the steel industry in the city.