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Ep. 29: Caff-Flick Neil

Another World Episode 29

A Caff-Flick Release from Neil
A Caff-Flick Release from Neil

Neil Brogan tells of his professional hobby, running the small record label Caff/Flick out of Belfast.  The label ( is a niche one, releasing vinyl 12″ and 7” records & picture discs of bands from all over Europe + North America, including Mount Eerie, The High Places, No Kids, and Champagne Diamond/The Brilliant Light (from whom some songs feature on this episode).

Neil tells of how he got into the niche in London and expanded it from Belfast — constructing a snowballing virtual world of music, art & business — run via multiple online personas he’s cultivated.  He also comments on the lifestyle that comes with running a small label: whether Belfast is (or could be) a decent place for his ambitions, bank account, and sensibilities; if he’ll ever cash himself in for a suit and an office job; and how hipsters can induce sensations of inadequacy and nausea.

Neil also performs (in a weird, self-effacing way, as he puts it).  This Sunday the 17th he helps put on ‘Up The Buff’ at the Royal Antedeluvian Order of the Buffaloes club, in the Cathedral Quarter, on Writer’s Square, at. It is free in + goes from 7pm.

Above, a High Places Picture Disc in Action, courtesy of David Horvitz

Ep. 18: The Puritan-Flamenco Burn Out

Another World Episode 18

Dan Parish
Dan Parish

Dan Parish grew up in New England and was set on a successful path, but by the end of his 20s he had dropped out of his PhD program and found his way to Mexico City playing flamenco guitar. In this week’s episode, he tells of burning out and growing facial hair in the 1960s, of the attractions and dangers of flamenco life, and of figuring out how to be happy writing music and living the New Hampshire life as — he puts it — a ‘worker in the arms of nature rather than a struggler in the flow of man’s idea of work’.


Some Flamenco Tracks from Dan:

Dan Parish – Flamenco Track 1

Dan Parish – Flamenco Track 2

Dan Parish – Flamenco Track 3