Pawel Is A Comic Artist

Pawel Piechnik came to Belfast a few years ago to work as an architect, now he’s back in Poland, in Poznan,  and (officially) traded in architecture for comics.  See his work here.


Ep. 38: Hitchhiking Europe & an Irish Shop

Another World Ep. 38

Kornel in Normandy
Kornel in Normandy

This summer Kornel Andrys quit his job as an architect in Belfast and hitchhiked back home to Poland. In today’s episode, he recounts his journey: how he found truck drivers to take him, which countries were best and worst for hitchhiking, how he stayed hygienic, and whether he’d ever trade office work for life on the road.

In the second half of the show, Tom Macic, the owner of The Celtic Cross, in the South Hills of talks about his Irish shop. He sells all kinds of Irish clothing, sweets, music, and miscellany to Pittsburghers and Irish and British expats. Tom explains what sells, what tea makes American tea taste like boiled popsicle sticks, and what the Irish American scene in Pittsburgh looks like.