Black Taxi Driver

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Belfast Creatives: Part 1

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Ep. 25: Bicycle Belfast

Another World Episode 25 

Sam, at I Fix Bikes
Sam, at I Fix Bikes

This week, bicycling in Belfast.

Sam Ruscica, the ‘Mother Teresa of Broken Bikes’ in Belfast, talks about his shop “I Fix Bikes” in the Smithfield Market, as well as his plans for the future.  He’d like to move from rescuing all the abandoned and abused bikes in town to managing a community bike shop, teaching people how to build and fix bikes for themselves.  Sam also talks about Bike Pirates of Toronto, the abuse and flying objects he encounters while riding through the city, and the DIY Wednesdays he hosts at his shop.


Austin, at Belfast Bicycle Workshop
Austin, at Belfast Bicycle Workshop

Then Austin Brown of Belfast Bicycle Workshop talks about his work repairing and selling bicycles, as well as leading bike tours of the city.  He is located in ‘The Workshops’ on Lawrence Street in the Holylands, after having run Lifecycles down in the Smithfield Markets for many years.  Austin explains why there’s not a critical mass in Belfast & how he’s trying to generate a bike culture here.  He can be reached at 028 9043 9959, or at




 The ‘Bicycle Repair Man’ skit from Monty Python, from which Sam derives his job title.

Ep. 10: Black Taxi Hostage & The Schizophrenia Ward

Another World Episode 10

Peace Walls of Belfast
Peace Walls of Belfast

This week, the program goes to the Falls Road for an interview with a black taxi driver about his experiences giving tours and being taken hostage.

In the second half, Claire Hagan discusses her work with people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder at Johns Hopkins medical center in Baltimore.

Ep. 9: Orangemen & Pittsburgh City Council

Another World Episode 9


Episode 9 considers local politics: of the Orange Order in Northern Ireland and the City Council of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In the first half, David Hume talks about the future of the Orange Order, including its new superhero figure and tourism initiatives.   Mid-July has been rechristened as ‘Orangefest’ and the Orange Order has big plans for brining more foreigners and locals together for the parades and activities around the 12th.  Hume also discusses the Order’s international links, in Canada, the US, and Africa, along with its concerns for attracting young Northern Irish men to join its ranks.

In the second half, Patrick Dowd explains how he won a seat on Pittsburgh’s City Council and his plans for the city.  He went from graduate student to teacher to politician, but his victory was not an easy one.  Winning a seat as a Democrat but initially without the endorsement of Pittsburgh’s Democratic Party, Dowd had to mobilize the grassroots of the community, going from door to door to door and fount out a tremendous amount about the Pittsburgh neighborhoods he now represents.

Ep. 6: Santa Mail, Iowa & Space Travel

Another World Episode 6

Episode 6 features interviews on Belfast’s Santa mail business, the Iowa caucuses, and space tourism. Catherine Mulvenna of Royal Mail Northern Ireland talks about Santa’s Grotto, where all of the UK’s letters to Santa Claus are delivered and answered. R. Allen Hayes, a visiting professor from Iowa, discusses last week’s caucuses in the state, along with his own experiences in them during past presidential elections. Finally, Derek Heatly, the first Northern Irish man in space, tells of his past voyage and his upcoming one.