Belfast Creatives: Part 2

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Ep. 14: Millhunk Days

Another World Episode 14

Larry with the Mill Hunk Herald
Larry with the Mill Hunk Herald

In the 1980s, Larry Evans was named a national security threat, Hollywood script writers were intent on telling his life story, he was crossing the Iron Curtain, and he was overtaking the Pittsburgh public television airwaves. As the steel mills were closing down in that decade, Larry ran the Millhunk Herald, a local journal, and was active in the efforts to keep the industry alive. He tells his story — how he got politically active, what’s happened to him since those activist days, and what it’s like to be classed a threat to society.



The video clip below comes from a documentary Larry made about his Millhunk Herald days. Tony Novosel stars in the 1983 Pittsburgh-made ‘Crashdance’, as a steelworker who turns to exotic dancing amidst the collapse of the steel industry in the city.

Ep. 3: Whirling Dervishes, Pantomimes & Menial Labor

Another World Episode 3

Whirling Dervishes in action
Whirling Dervishes in action

This week the program features an interview with Kemal Yilmaz, a whirling dervish who recently travelled from Turkey to perform in Belfast.  He’s been a dervish since his early teens, now he’s studying law and whirling in the meantime.

Then Jared Longlands talks about authoring anti-litter pantomimes, living the creative life, and surviving menial labor.  To see some of Jared’s writings, drawings, comics, and other creations, contact him via email, at