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Ep. 31: Reiki in North Belfast

Another World Episode 31

Caroline's Crystals

Caroline Dunne talks from her home in North Belfast about the practice of Reiki.  She has been practicing it for many years, having been trained in the US and then moved to Belfast to live & work here for the past 6 and a half years.  Caroline had been a hair stylist before, but then switched into holistic therapies, with reiki being one of her favorite to practice.  Reiki is unlike a traditional body massage — with less touching, more silence, and a focus on chakras and crystals.  In today’s episode, she explains what reiki is exactly & who is attracted to it.  Caroline also discusses what the reaction has been in North Belfast and the city at large to reiki, as well as what it can offer to people (including skeptics of it), and why she enjoys it so much.

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