Margaret Hagan
Margaret Hagan


Another World is a weekly program on Queen’s Radio, featuring stories from Belfast and beyond.  It brings unexpected and new voices to the airwaves, with interviews with people from all walks of life.  The host is Margaret Hagan.  Interview and production help comes from Julia Atkinson, Sam Ruscica, Kornel Andrys, & Mairead Collins. 

In 2007 -08, the program was broadcast weekly on Queen’s Radio.  All the episodes are podcasted and posted here.  Since the start of the 2008 school year, Another World will continue to be broadcast periodically on the website, with smaller pieces recorded for Rustbelt Radio in Pittsburgh and the Politics Show on Queen’s Radio. 

In June 2008, Another World won the Best Journalistic Programme award from Queen’s University Student Union. 

To add Another World to your iTunes podcasts, click on the orange and white icon on the left-hand toolbar, ‘Subscribe in a reader’.  From the site http://feeds.feedburner.com/anotherworldradio, find the option ‘Subscribe in iTunes’ and click on the icon.  iTunes automatically will open and add the program to your podcast list.  

Any questions or comments: please write to anotherworldradio@google.com


One thought on “About”

  1. Hello I tried to send you an email to the above address, but it came back! Here’s the message I sent! Michelle (illuminato@nextquestion.org)


    My name is Michelle Illuminato and I am an artist and professor who will be coming back to my hometown of Pittsburgh to do a live tv show at the Waffle Shop on August 13th (Friday). The show, called DeTour Show, will feature lesser known places and people of Pittsburgh. St Anthony’s is one of my favorite places… And I remember going there as a student in an art history class on pilgrimmage when I studied at Carnegie Mellon. I’d like to feature it, and yet the time of the show is at 11 PM so a little difficult to get a guide from the church to be interviewed. You have a great video from your visit to the relics online…. I’m wondering if you;d be interested or willing to come to the show, be interviewed or even just share your video with the audience? I’ve included the description of the show below and the website for the Waffle Shop… To give you a little background.

    It would be great to have you or the video on… Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions….let me know if you are interested!

    Michelle Illuminato

    M. Michelle Illuminato
    Assistant Professor
    School of Art and Design
    New York State College of Ceramics
    Alfred University
    Alfred, New York 14802

    The DeTour Show
    Join your host, Michelle Illuminato, and her band of local guides as they take you on a series of ‘detours’ through Pittsburgh without even leaving your seat! The show is packed with interviews, favorite points of view, mostly true facts, slideshows, games and dancing (we may be kidding about the dancing). Learn about Pittsburgh’s famous, nearly famous and infamous citizens and what their homes look like from across the street! Visit the largest collection of relics outside the Vatican! Discover the identity of our mystery guest! Then test your knowledge by playing “Identify This Spot” and “I Know a Secret” to win a unique Pittsburgh prize! Come see it live at the Waffle Shop, Friday, August 13th at 11PM or watch it live stream online at waffleshop.org

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