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Joby Fox: Belfast in Braddock

Joby Fox, the bassist for the Northern Irish band Energy Orchard, on the filming of the music video for their single “Sailor Town” in Braddock, PA, 20 years ago.


Helen Skullduggery: Tattoos + Women in Belfast

For Helen’s website for her parlor Skullduggery Tatu, here it is.

Helen at Work On Dublin Road

Helen at Work On Dublin Road

Belfast Pub Quiz
July 21, 2009, 9:01 pm
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The Cemetary Pie Tree

Pawel Is A Comic Artist

Pawel Piechnik came to Belfast a few years ago to work as an architect, now he’s back in Poland, in Poznan,  and (officially) traded in architecture for comics.  See his work here.

Pittsburgh’s Israel-Palestine Roadblock

Israel-Palestine Checkpoint Action in Oakland

Checkpoint Palestine

Checkpoint Palestine

Last Thursday, at 5:30 in the afternoon, about 15 people took to the streets of Oakland. Their goal: to make Pittsburghers aware of the regular hassles and dangers that Palestinian people face in their daily lives.

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Mayor Candidates in Braddock

Dowd + Fetterman Campaign in Braddock

Dowd at the Elks Club

Dowd at the Elks Club

Primary election day is fast approaching — on May 19th Pittsburgh will choose between three Democratic candidates for mayor — Luke Ravenstahl, Carmen Robinson, and Patrick Dowd. Braddock is also having a mayor’s race this year, and its current mayor John Fetterman hosted a party a few days ago, to promote his own campaign and lend his support to Patrick Dowd.

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